Inspirotec’s Exhale Service provides environmental data for informed decision-making. The company’s patent protected product and lab service provides information on allergic triggers causing allergy and asthma symptoms. The company has worked with physicians and key opinion leaders to pilot its patented service launched in 2016. Contact us if you are interested in discussing how Exhale can help your patients or be used in your next research study.


Prasanthi Gandhi, MBA, MPH
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Prasanthi is an Entrepreneur. She founded and managed an Indian NGO, headed marketing at a food startup, and launched health programs/products at UNICEF, Coca Cola, and Sara Lee. Read more →

Julian Gordon, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Julian is a well-known Inventor. He developed the Western Blot at FMI/Ciba Geigy and lateral flow immunoassay, which led to the first home pregnancy test, at Abbott. Read more →


Backed by Breakout Labs

Inspirotec received seed funding from Paypal Co-Founder and Facebook early investor Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs Program of the Thiel Foundation. Breakout Labs selected the company for their innovative work in science and technology.

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