How It Works

1. Sample Your Air

Our Exhale kit contains a device that you plug into any standard wall outlet in your desired location. Let it run quietly for 5 days and then send the device back to us. Read on to learn more about the product →

2. Answer a Short Survey

Our online survey asks you questions about your health and environment. Following completion, see how you compare with others, existing peer-reviewed studies, and to your previous samples.

How It Works
How It Works

3. We Test Your Air Sample

Inspirotec’s Exhale Service uses immunoassay testing to provide the information you need to learn about your environment and allergen exposure. Once we receive your sample, it goes into the lab for testing.

  1. Processing: we dissolve the allergens
  2. Analysis: we use laser beams and fluorescence to identify and quantitate allergens
  3. Profiling: we make the results easy to understand and interpret

4. Learn from Your Results

Results are shared with you so you may learn about your triggers, compare yourself to others, and take control of your health.

How It Works

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